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Introducing the highly requested new item, infused with an enchanting Arabic touch. This contemporary rendition of an Arabic-inspired accessory embodies elegance and style. Experience the essence of Arabic culture as you adorn yourself with this exquisite piece. Allow the gentle breeze of Arabia to embrace you, creating a remarkable sensory journey.

Natural stone: turquoise (9mm)
Natural Baroque Pearl (3mm)
Other glass beads

Turquoise was treated as a precious stone in the Arab world as a protective talisman.
Pearls have also been worn with great care as a talisman since ancient times. It brings good fortune to you as well.

If you have an allergy to metal,
If the product does not suitable for your skin, please STOP using it.

We are photographing the actual product,
Please note that the color may differ slightly from the actual product.

Earring Style 3

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