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Rays of Hope: Syria's Story of Culture, Education, and Refugee Support

On August 6th, Syrian hands joined forces with the "Gakubora" group of Toyo University students to kick off the inaugural event of "Rays of Hope: Syria's Story."

Here, you'll discover a curated collection of handmade accessories crafted in collaboration with dedicated student volunteers from Toyo University, affectionately known as "Gakubora."

Our aim is to share these unique pieces far and wide, shedding light on the realities of Syria. Some items even incorporate genuine natural stones. Every purchase contributes to our cause – supporting and spreading awareness.

You're not just buying accessories; you're supporting a mission. And if you're feeling inspired, you can even create your own! Explore the world of Toyo University Gakubora's handcrafted accessories and join us in promoting understanding and compassion. Your enjoyment is our goal!

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