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Sending Love Across Borders: From the kids of Japan to the kids of Gaza

We're thrilled to invite you to our "Sending Love Across Borders" Charity Bazaar! From the kids of Japan to the kids of Gaza, let's come together to make a difference.

- Global Harmony Charity Bazaar: Indulge in a feast of ethnic flavors and goods from Palestine, Bangladesh, Syria, Pakistan, Egypt, Indonesia, and more!

- IISO Student Lens: Explore the vibrant culture of Palestine through the eyes of our talented students in a captivating photo exhibition.

- Syrian Hands Workshop: Unleash your creativity at the handcrafts and accessories workshop led by the skilled artisans of Syrian Hands.

- Palestine Now' Interactive Presentation: Gain insights into Palestine's rich heritage and contemporary realities.

- Save the Date: November 4, at IISO Nakano Bldg.

Let's spread love and make a positive impact! Share this post, invite your friends, and be a part of this meaningful journey. Together, we can make a difference.

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