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Recap of Syrian Hands Charity Dinner Party: For Syrian Orphans Support

Our recent charity dinner party was an overwhelming success, and we are thrilled to share some highlights from the event.

First and foremost, we are incredibly grateful for the generosity and support of all the attendees. Together, we raised an impressive total of around 237,000¥, which exceeded our expectations and will make a significant impact in supporting Syrian orphans in need.

After covering expenses, we are delighted to announce that our net profits amounted to approximately 103,000¥. This incredible result enables us to sponsor around 17 orphans for one month, providing them with essential support and full care. Additionally, thanks to the generosity of our sponsors, we were able to secure monthly sponsorship for an additional 4 orphans, further extending our reach and impact (Membership | Syrian Hands).

Throughout the evening, attendees enjoyed a culinary journey of authentic Syrian cuisine and desserts, adding to the festive atmosphere and cultural experience.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who contributed to the success of this event, whether through attendance, donations, or support in any form. Your kindness and generosity have made a meaningful difference in the lives of Syrian orphans, and we are truly grateful for your continued support.

Warm regards,

Dr. Hussam Zaineh

Syriran Hands Founder and Team Leader

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