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Eid Multi-Cultural Dinner Party: A Heartwarming Success!

Updated: 15 minutes ago

Our Eid Multi Culture Dinner Party was a tremendous success, with a wonderful blend of cultures from Syria, Malaysia, and Pakistan, creating an atmosphere filled with joy and camaraderie.

Event Highlights:

- Heartwarming Welcome: We were thrilled to see so many smiling faces eager to enjoy the evening. Dr. Hussam Zaineh, founder of Syrian Hands, and Mr. Haroon Qureshi, General Secretary of Japan Islamic Trust, warmly welcomed everyone.

- Live Nasheed: Mr. Belal Zin Alddin from Syria captivated everyone with his heartfelt nasheed performance. IISO students joined him on stage, adding extra beauty and charm to the event.

- Delicious Dinner: Participants savored delicious traditional meals from Syria, Malaysia, and Pakistan.

- Engaging Presentations: Multi Cultural presentations by Ms. Sohana, Ms. Afrah, and Dr. Yaman, teachers of IISO, gave insight into the rich traditions of each country.

- Charity Bazaar: Our charity bazaar, featuring henna art and traditional goods, was a hit among attendees.

Together, we raised an impressive total of around 245,000¥, which exceeded our expectations and will make a significant impact in supporting Syrian orphans in need. After covering all expenses, we are delighted to announce that our net profits amounted to approximately 96,000¥. This incredible result enables us to sponsor around 16 orphans for one month, providing them with essential support and full care.

We received wonderful feedback from participants, who appreciated the seamless program and cultural exchange. Most importantly, thanks to your generosity, we were able to raise funds to sponsor 16 orphans.

Thank you to everyone who joined and supported this meaningful event. Together, we made a significant impact and celebrated Eid in a truly special way.

Stay tuned for more events and opportunities to connect and support our community.

Best regards,

Syrian Hands Team

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