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Annual Udhiya / Qurbani Campaign Report: Spreading Joy and Hope in Syria

Organized by: Syrian Hands and Japan Islamic Trust

Since 2014, Syrian Hands and Japan Islamic Trust have been steadfast in their commitment to supporting our Syrian brothers and sisters through the Udhiya / Qurbani campaign. This year, by the grace of Allah, we are thrilled to share the uplifting achievements of our campaign.

Campaign Achievements:

**23 Sheep Sacrificed:**

Through the immense grace of Allah, we successfully gathered and sacrificed 23 sheep for our fellow brethren in Syria.

**Total Donations: 1,104,000¥**

We are deeply thankful for the incredible generosity of our donors. Their contributions have totaled an impressive 1,104,000¥.

**Infusing Joy and Hope:**

Alhamdulellah, all Udhiyah sacrifices were conducted in northern Syria, bringing joy and hope to the local communities.

**Meat Distribution to Displaced Families:**

The sacrificial meat was thoughtfully distributed to displaced families in refugee camps, providing much-needed nourishment and comfort during these trying times.

**See the Impact:**

To witness the profound impact of your contributions, we invite you to watch the video showcasing the distribution process:

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to every individual who contributed to this noble cause. May Allah reward you abundantly.

Jazakum Allahu Khairan,

Kafalah Team

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